Food for Thought: Special Dinners


Tim & Lynette's Backyard

When I’m at Tim and Lynette’s I always feel like I’m on retreat. Dining in their backyard always reminds me of the power of beauty especially in the midst of sharing food and friendship with those I don’t often get to share. My feeling is that if one is surrounded by friends and family and are blessed by beautiful surroundings, what we eat shrinks in importance. At lunch the other day my friend, Erin, shared of her father who grew up in a large family in south Texas. Every so often his mom would declare that they were having a “special dinner.” She would spread the table with a tablecloth and light candles to create a wonderous and magical atmosphere for their “special dinner.” It was only as he was older that he discovered that the “special dinner” took place when they had run out of food and money . . . their “special dinner” consisted of toast and hot chocolate!!!

Even though I love good food, sharing friendship and fun in a beautiful atmosphere is much more important than what I eat. If you feel so led, share with us a wonderous moment that you’ve shared with friends or family.

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  1. What a precious story! And a great reminder that making simple moments special can be achieved in a few easy steps. Love it!

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