Pork Pot Roast

It seems like whenever we think of pot roast we think of beef. But, I bought a whole pork loin at Costco and cut it in half to make two roasts. Since I had so much pork in the freezer, I thought why not do the same thing we do with beef and have pork pot roast!! So the other night we were having our son and my mom over for dinner and this is what I fixed. The best thing about pot roast of any kind is the gravy and the pork gravy did not disappoint. It was great over everything!

3 – 3 1/2 pork loin roast
1 lb. of carrots, peeled and sliced into chunks
6 potatoes, peeled, and cut into eighths
1 pkg. Lipton French onion soup mix
3/4 C. water
3 T. balsamic vinegar
1/4 C. flour & 1/2 cup water for gravy

1. Brush the balsamic vinegar over all sides of the roast.
2. Pour the water into the bottom of the crockpot. Place the carrots in the crockpot followed by the potatoes, and salt and pepper them to taste.
3. Place the roast on top of the potatoes and sprinkle with the onion soup mix.
4. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.
5. Remove all but the juices from the crockpot and cover to keep warm. Turn the crockpot to high.
6. Mix the flour with 1/2 C. water with a whisk or fork until smooth. Stir into the juices in the crockpot and cook until thickened. Serve over the vegetables and pork. Serves 6-8

Before cooking

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