Food For Thought

Folks who don’t enjoy cooking or who see cooking as a utilitarian act do not understand the satisfaction that is felt by those who see cooking as a creative act. My husband constantly asks me why I’m going to all the “trouble” to fix homemade food for church or work gatherings. He says, “Just go to the store and buy something like everybody else does.” I’ve concluded that he does not understand that cooking is an expression of creativity and therefore brings me joy. It is the PROCESS of cooking that I find so satisfying not whether or not others expect it of me or even like what I’ve fixed although that is always welcome. Sarah Ban Breathnach expresses the relationship between cooking and art when she says, “Cooking is one of the best ways for your authentic self to remind your conscious self that you are an artist. Like the union of canvas and pigment, cooking is alchemy, a work of Wholeness-in-progress.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

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4 Responses to “Food For Thought”
  1. Dawn Beye says:

    I agree that cooking is a creative expression. And sometimes very sacred. It’s a way of honoring life and providing nurture. And much more. Plus, it’s fun. And it’s edible art.

  2. Sheran Long says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. That explains why I enjoy cooking and prefer taking something I’ve made rather than what I’ve bought to gatherings. Thank you for all of your recipes. They are great!

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