Creamy Ranch Cauliflower

Creamy Ranch Cauliflower

Denial is a wonderful thing while it lasts!! I finally decided to weigh myself since I haven’t done so since last fall. I now declare my denial over . . . I need to lose 25 pounds!! Is anyone else out there with me on this? This is one of our “go-to” recipes when we are trying to shed a few pounds and need a tasty vegetable that is low in calories. I buy the ranch seasoning mix in a jar because I use it to flavor lots of different things from scrabbled eggs to baked potatoes to steamed vegetables. I also use it in my taco soup recipe. It’s also cheaper per serving when bought by the jar!

1 large head cauliflower
1/2 C. chicken broth
1 T. Hidden Valley dry ranch seasoning mix
1/4 C. light sour cream

1. Cut the cauliflower off the stalk and into medium size flowerets.
2. Place in a covered casserole dish along with the chicken broth.
3. Microwave on high for 10 minutes, stirring after 5 minutes. If the cauliflower is not fork tender cook another minute or two.
4. Dump the cooked cauliflower and any remaining broth into a food processor and add the ranch seasoning mix and sour cream.
Pulse until the cauliflower is is smooth and creamy. Makes 4 cups. Approximately 30 calories per 1/2 C. serving.

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6 Responses to “Creamy Ranch Cauliflower”
  1. Poppa John says:

    Well I am definitely with you on this one. I lost the first 25 with relative ease. And if I lose the next 25, I’ll be right on the border between heavy and obese. Problem is I haven’t been that light since college 40 years ago. This should be an interesting journey for me if I don’t take iot to serious. My denial stems not from avoiding the scale but because I am still able to engage in kayaking, white water rafting, hang gliding etc. I mean if I can do all that does it matter that I am in the obese zone halfway between heavy and morbidly obese on the BMI chart? Oh well my daughter says yes.

    • faithfulfoodie says:

      Poppa John, my husband has lost 20 but still needs to lose another 50. The depressing thing for me is that it will take me as long to lose 25 as it takes him to lose 50!! Unfortunately, your daughter is probably correct. The extra weight affects so many things that may not be apparent yet.

  2. Beth says:

    I am with you…will be trying this out. I’ve never seen the ranch seasoning in a jar. Will look for it.

  3. Terri Rathbun says:

    I’m definitely with you on this. I put myself on a diet 3 wks ago and have lost 4lbs. This recipe looks really good. do you have to have a food processor or could you use a blender?

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