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I have to tell you all about my trip to Ireland . . . it was fabulous!! I’m going to focus on the food in this post and will do another one on the Irish countryside and possibly a third on the towns we visited. But first the food!

I had not really thought about the fact that Ireland is basically a big island and therefore most of the major cities seaports. This in itself was a pleasure since I live in land-locked Kansas City. I love being by the ocean, listening to the surf, and always being able to catch a nice breeze. The weather was just the right temperature for sightseeing and was perfect for sampling all the different seafood chowders made with really fresh seafood. The first chowder we tried, pictured above, was enjoyed in the little seaside town of Howth at the end of the high speed train line out of Dublin. This is where our bed & breakfast was located, Anne’s of Howth. This chowder was absolutely loaded with seafood caught that day and had just a touch of fresh dill which brightened the flavor of the very creamy broth. Eaten with fresh whole grain Irish soda bread and a pint of Guinness it made a meal in itself. We tried two other seafood chowders over the course of our trip each with its own particular and unique twist. One had fresh mussels in the shell which added an additional light layer of ocean delight to the flavor. The third one we tried was flavored with star anise. The star anise was quite unexpected but added a delightful flavor. If good fresh seafood was available in Kansas City, I would sure be experimenting with recipes to duplicate what we had in Ireland!

After spending a couple of days in the Dublin metro area, we headed across Ireland to the Dingle Peninsula. There we stayed at the Milestone Bed & Breakfast in Dingle. The proprietors, Barbara and Michael, were fabulous hosts and treated everyone like honored guests going out of there way to share tips for sightseeing and eating on the peninsula. Their traditional Irish breakfast was fantastic, especially Michael’s Irish soda bread. Babara shared the recipes for white and whole grain soda bread as well as Guinness brisket so watch for those recipes in future posts. Included in the breakfast along with the soda bread, were eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausage, broiled tomato, an assortment of fruit juices and cereals, fresh fruit salad, stewed rhubarb, and coffee and tea. We always left for sightseeing well fortified to meet the day. I highly recommend staying at the Milestone if you’re making a trip to Dingle!!

While in Dingle we ate a several pubs where I had the best fish & chips and crab cakes that I’ve ever had! One of the special restaurants we enjoyed was “Out of the Blue” which was a small place right on the main street that runs along the harbor front. I had the grilled monk fish and Ken enjoyed the seafood chowder with star anise. The monk fish was cooked through just right so it was still very moist and flavorful. The little side dish of freshly grated carrots with poppy seeds and toasted sesame oil was really delightful and one that I hope to duplicate at home. It is a great example of a very simple combination of fresh flavors that creates a winning and fresh little side dish!

Last of all, one of the things I like to do is check out restaurant chains the countries I’m visiting even though we have those chains at home. They always offer menu items that aren’t found on the menus here in the US. We also simply need a diet coke with ice every now and then as well! At any rate, we tried the cheese crisps with sweet chili dipping sauce which we have not seen on the menu at Kansas City area McDonald’s. They were actually quite good and a nice little snack with our diet coke!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our trip to Ireland!

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  1. Ruth says:

    Fabulous post Sue

  2. Beth says:

    I love your depiction of Ireland food and will be looking forward to seeing the recipes!!! Thanks for taking the time to enter on your blog!!!

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