Images of Dingle Peninsula I

Conor Pass Waterfall

After spending a couple of days in Dublin, we headed across Ireland to the Dingle Peninsula. Only about a third of the drive was on multi-lane highways so it was a leisurely trip through several smalls towns. We stopped in the town of Adare for lunch and shopped for a bit and decided to take the more scenic route to the town of Dingle by driving through the Conor Pass. The roads are so narrow in places that only one car could get through, which makes for some interesting maneuvering at times! Much of the road has stacked stone walls along the edge and at one point we watched a car that had to back up to let another car through put a big scrape along the side of their car . . . hope it wasn’t a rental! The scenery was great, though, and there were no tour buses because of the narrow roads.

Mountainside-Conor Pass

When we did our drive around the perimeter of the peninsula, Barbara, our host at Milestone B & B, suggested that we stop to see these beehive huts. They are on the property of a woman named Mary. We went up to her door where she greeted us warmly and explained that Barbara had told us about her place. Barbara had clued us in to offer her two euro a piece, which we did. We had a wonderful conversation with her about living on a bluff overlooking the ocean and were then free to walk her property. We found ourselves walking on peat which is very spongy and cool to walk on.

Stone Beehive Hut

The beehive huts, as you can see, are made entirely out of stone, with no mortar, or supports of any kind. They were built by 7th century monks and obviously were built to last. I can’t imagine how drafty and cold they must have been in the dead of winter or damp when it rains!!

Ocean View from Hillside

The view of the ocean was fabulous from Mary’s property!! You can see her house in the background and get a sense of the majesty of her view out the front door!!

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