Sightseeing in Dublin

View from B & B - Howth, Ireland

Howth is where we stayed our first two nights in Ireland. It is just outside of Dublin and we simply took the high speed train into City Centre where we bought tickets for the hop-on, hop-off bus that goes to all the interesting sites. The view out the window of our room at Anne’s of Howth was of the waterfront and one of the two piers.

Don't Drive Off The Pier!

We noticed when we were walking around the waterfront that there were no fences along the edge. Just in case you might not notice, there were caution signs to warn you not to drive off the pier!

Trinity College

Trinity College is in the heart of Dublin and houses the Book of Kells which is an illuminated book of the four gospels. It was hand-written and colored by monks ca. 800 or a little earlier. You can see from the picture that it was absolutely beautiful and amazing!

Christ Enthroned - Book of Kells

A Modern Prison?

Kilmainhaim Gaol was built in 1796 and is considered one of the first “modern” prisons in the world. It housed and was the place of execution for many Irish rebels who fought for Ireland’s independence from England. Let’s just say that it was considered modern because it wasn’t a dungeon!!

City Centre - Dublin

City Centre is the main shopping area in the middle of the historic sites in Dublin. It is a pedestrian area so it was just great strolling from store to store and not worrying about getting hit by a bus or car.

There was a lovely park on the edge of City Centre. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we were there and there were families and people of all ages strolling the different pathways through the park and sitting on benches chatting or quietly reading a book or newspaper.

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