Images of Dingle Peninsula II

Main St. in Dingle

The town of Dingle itself is quite small but very charming! You can see how cute the buildings are. There are pubs within different businesses which is how it frequently was in the past. So, for example, there is a men’s hat store that has a pub along one side of the store and a hardware store with a pub in the back. I’d never seen that before. As you may have heard before, pubs have great food that is a little cheaper than restaurants.

Roadside Flowers

The flowers were gorgeous! The ones pictured above grew all along the road like daylilies do in some parts of the US. The hydrangeas were just fabulous hues of blues, purples, and pink.

Intensely Colored Hydrangea

Intensely Colored Hydrangea

As we were driving along the road outside of Dingle, we decided to follow a side road with a sign indicating there was a leather shop that was holding a sale. Well, we drove and drove and drove but every now and then there would be a sign – “You’re heading in the right direction!” “Just a bit further!” “You’re almost there!” We finally made it and the store had gorgeous handmade purses, briefcases, wallet, etc. Even on sale they were more than my budget could handle. I did buy a cool hot pink key ring, though.

One the way to the leather goods shop, we passed a small country cemetery. I made Ken stop so we could look around. It was very dilapidated but I got some nice pictures of some old Celtic crosses. I hope you enjoy them. Notice the differences in subtle details and the moss and lichen growing on several of them.

Watch for my last installment on our trip to Ireland soon. It will cover Kilkenny and Powerscourt Garden.

Country Cemetery Crypt

Crypt Decor

Mossy Celtic Cross

Angel Cross

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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