Ireland in August

Flower Bed - Gardens of Powerscourt

Well, I think it’s time for a reminder of the beauty of summer as many parts of the northern hemisphere have been hit with lots of snow or rain. Here in Missouri we received about seven inches of snow on Monday during which I fell and broke my arm!! My plan last August, when I posted several blog entries about our trip to Ireland, was to save these pictures of the gardens and flowers for such a time as this . . . when we want to dream of those long summer days of sunshine and warmth. Enjoy and dream along with me!

These first few shots are of St. Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin. This now idyllic and restful place in the center of this bustling city was the place for public executions in days gone by. It’s now a place of serenity where families stroll along with children in tow and folks of several generations relax with a newspaper or good book to read.

St. Stephen's Green - Dublin, Ireland

St. Stephens's Green - Dublin, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula was our next stop. I’ve shared several posts on this part of our trip alone but I didn’t share this picture. This is the beach where several scenes in the film, “Ryan’s Daughter,” was filmed.

After several days on the Dingle Peninsula, we headed over toward Kilkenny and the Rock of Cashal. Kilkenny is a beautiful inland city with a castle located right in the middle of town. We stayed at the very centrally located Butler Court Bed & Breakfast from which we could stroll to the nearby Kilkenny Castle for a tour as well as to restaurants and shops.

Butler Court Bed & Breakfast - Kilkenny, Ireland

Flower pot lined street - Kilkenny, Ireland

Flower pot lined street - Kilkenny, Ireland

After visiting Kilkenny, it was time to head back toward Dublin and the end of our time in Ireland. On our way back to Dublin we drove through the Wicklow Mountains and stopped at the Gardens of Powerscourt. These gardens were constructed from 1858-1875 and are one of the last great Victorian gardens built in Europe. They cover several thousand acres on a 16,000 acre estate.

Formal Design - Gardens of Powerscourt

A Rose - Gardens of Powerscourt

Small water feature - Gardens of Powerscourt

Japanese Garden - Gardens of Powerscourt

Hydrangeas - Gardens of Powerscourt

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reminder of summer while you stay warm with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

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